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    The role of nonprofits is to serve the community, and that takes a team.  We train and coach nonprofits, donors, and professional advisors so that charity works at its highest level of impact.

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  • Brains

    Traditional consulting, coaching, & planning

  • With over 30 years of nonprofit life under our belt, we know the importance of interaction between nonprofits, their donors, and their professional advisors.  Whether group training or one-on-one coaching, we can help anyone in the charitable realm be better at what they do.

    We specialize in board governance, planned giving, donor relationships, and drilling down to the "Why?" of nonprofit work.

    We can do it long distance or we can come to you.  Chat with us about your needs and we'll design a package that fits your style and budget.

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  • Brawn

    Unlike other nonprofit consultants, we're happy to do your daily grunt work - that's how your organization moves forward.

    Use our a la carte menu to choose the task(s) you want us to do then only pay us for the hour(s) it takes us to complete those tasks.

    And whatever we do for you you own.  No secret passwords or holding projects hostage.  Some day if and when you have staff we'll make sure that person is brought up-to-speed!

Moving your organization forward in as little as one hour a month!


Julie Wilkinson


"Julie is a dedicated nonprofit leader who brings a broad range of technical skills and a passion for serving her clients. We've collaborated for more than ten years in a variety of capacities including board training, strategic planning, grant writing, marketing, and major and planned gifts. She is a "big picture thinker" who is adept at navigating the complex landscape of the nonprofit sector, earning the trust of both donors and clients."

Christine Radtke

Christine Radtke

Sr. Director of Development at Michigan State University College of Arts and Letters

"I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with Julie for many years - through non-profits, chambers of commerce, and community outreach. Her ability to build communities to address and solve issues affecting the region is inspiring."

Dawn Ritter

Dawn Ritter

Adult Services Manager at Joliet Public Library

"I completed the Certificate in Non-Profit Administration class at JJC this past Spring 2021. Our instructor, Julie Buck gave me an excellent overview of the administration challenges and successes of working in the Non-Profit field. The structure of the class was great, we had clear and concise handouts to take notes on and refer back to, we made time at the end of each class to talk as a group about our real life experiences, and Julie set up a Dropbox for us to keep our documents handy. I learned a lot from Julie's extensive Non-Profit experience and felt she was a great fit for this class. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested or currently working in the Non-Profit field. I gained real life skills that I can apply to my work at the Library, especially in the sections about working with volunteers, and event planning."

Genelle Diab

Genelle Diab


“As a speaker, Julianne Buck's presentation skills are compelling and relatable!  With her expertise, she provides her students (audience) with the framework of solid, Non-Profit governance in very clear and precise ways. As an educator, Ms. Buck's delivery is always "on point."

I appreciate Julianne's strong leadership in philanthropy, because I sincerely believe it is rooted in the deep values of generosity and accountability."

Marlo Schulz

Marlo Schulz

Resident Services Coordinator at Holsten Human Capital Development, NFP

“I took the Certificate in Nonprofit Administration (MGT 5180) course at JJC to expand my skill set in the area of Nonprofit Management. This course was a great overview of nonprofit administration and provided a plethora of resources to use. My final project consisted of putting together a logic model for accessing health care for my current job. I was asked to present this logic model to a collaborative group I work with and used the information to apply for a grant in July. The course also provided a great opportunity to network with others interested in the nonprofit world and I continue to collaborate with a classmate to provide programming for the people I serve.”

Angela Solis

Angela Solis, LCPC, CADC, CCTP

Owner, Crossroads Counseling

“I recently completed the Certificate of Nonprofit Administration at Joliet Junior College this past Spring.  I have for a long time contemplated non-profit work, including creating my own non-profit.  Julie is a wealth of information.  Her experience and knowledge in this area is expansive.  She is able to give up-to-date, real-life information in a manner in a teaching style that is comfortable and approachable.  I highly recommend this course to anyone in the pursuit of non-profit work or already established in a non-profit organization looking to expand their knowledge in this area.”

Katrina Colbert

Katrina Colbert

Executive Director, Special Connections of Grundy County

"I was fortunate to be introduced to Julie just as I began my new position as Executive Director for Special Connections of Grundy County in February 2021. I had the opportunity to take the Non-Profit Administration class taught by Julie at Joliet Junior College in the Fall of 2021. Julie is a dynamic educator who brings “real life” experience of the nonprofit world to the classroom. I admire her ability to teach about the fundamentals of running a non-profit, fundraising, grant writing, and working with a board in detail but also in a manner that is easy to understand and apply to your organization seamlessly. Julie’s passion is contagious! She is devoted to her community and dedicated to being a “helping hand” to everyone she meets."

karen and gene

Karen & Gene Griffin

Skokie Community Foundation

"Julie Buck has been an enormous help to Skokie Community Foundation, and we recommend her highly. Our organization had grown and changed and several of our corporate filings needed to be updated to reflect those changes. Out of context, the various state and federal regulatory requirements for nonprofits can be overwhelming and hard to understand.  It is definitely one of those “you don’t know what you don’t know” situations.  Julie conducted a comprehensive review of our corporate and regulatory paperwork and advised us where changes and corrections were needed.  She then guided us through the process of how to make the necessary changes and in what order they should be done.  She also pointed out other issues and suggested improvements for us to incorporate into our structure and practice.  Along the way, we gained an understanding of how best to interact with the government agencies with whom we regularly file paperwork. Julie educated us about best practices for governance of our organization and provided many resources designed to help nonprofits manage the waters of regulatory and corporate governance.  Julie’s extensive knowledge would benefit any nonprofit.  Her special expertise in the inner workings of a community foundation made her advice even more valuable to us.  In addition to benefiting from her subject matter proficiency, we greatly enjoyed working with Julie and recommend her enthusiastically."

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