Are you on the re-opening team?

Source: LinkedIn – Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies at Northern Illinois University

A question to nonprofits: is your county getting ready to re-open from a stay-at-home order?  Are your local government officials putting together an advisory team?  Is someone on that team representing the interests of nonprofits?

If not, I recommend that you reach out and add that seat to the team because:

  1. We nonprofits are the nation’s 3rd largest workforce only after retail and accommodation/food service (Source: Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies at Northern Illinois University); and
  2. Most of us are health and human services, so we are humans providing services to humans – face-to-face interaction is what we do.

How does your county’s re-opening affect your nonprofit?  I’m not saying that re-opening shouldn’t happen.  I’m saying that nonprofits should be on the team of advisors strategizing about it so that the safety of our collective clients, staff, and volunteers is protected.

Stay healthy!


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