Do you know Tom?

Every community has a Tom. He’s a successful businessman. Belongs to all the service clubs. Dotes on his grandchildren. You see him volunteering everywhere.  He serves on a half dozen nonprofit boards.  You wonder when he sleeps.

Yet you’ll never see Tom typing board minutes or writing a newsletter…and that’s okay. Tom’s a big thinker and that’s why we want him on our board. Tom may not stick around after board meetings, but a couple of weeks later he calls from the car on his way home from a meeting: “Got an hour? Remember that thing we were talking about a few weeks ago? Well I’ve been thinking about it and here are my ideas…”

Yes, thank you Tom!!!

We encourage you to get a boardroom full of Toms…and let us do the work. By hiring us, you free up your board to think big and strategize.

Between your board’s big thinking and our grunt work, your organization will move forward and have great impact in the community!

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