Pandemic response: What you can do today

I know many of you nonprofits are up to your eyeballs with work and response, but for everyone else, here are a few things you can do today:

a. Contact your county Emergency Management Agency and give them details of what your organization is doing (or not able to do) for the public/clients;

b. Contact your county Health Department and see if your organization might fit into their pandemic response plan. Again, let them know your services if those services are relevant to their plan.

c. Ask (usually EMA) whether your community has a COAD – Community Organizations Active in Disaster. If so, see how your services fit. If there isn’t one, be communicating with peers who also have down time about starting one….whether soon or later this year. Google COAD and VOAD to see how one operates.

d. Contact mayors and other elected officials with similar information about what your organization is doing/not able to do. Mayors’ secretaries are your best bet for catching someone’s ear.

d. Ditto with local media.

e. Is someone in your community hosting a FB page with local information? Consider rallying colleagues to do so. Be picky about what you post – only post from legitimate sources.

f. Ask elected officials whether there will be local press conferences. Get invited to a) hear first-hand and b) listen for ways to be of service.

g. Listen and monitor social media for rumors and misinformation. Report that back to EMA, county officials, health dept, etc.

h. For the most part, I believe you are a content expert in your little corner of the world so don’t be shy about getting your organization’s information out there.

Stay healthy and keep up the great work!

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